How was my Summer 2016?

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Sibling: Top 10 favorite places in London!

I finally finished this entry! Woo! It’s not that long but it was hard to pick out our favorite places since there were so much to choose from!

Thank you to my friend, Shawie, who suggested this post when I just published my first post about London (London: How to go around) check that out if you want. I didn’t thought of having a Top 10 list since (like I said) there were a lot of places that my sister and I loved. We tried our best to pick out the places we loved the most and here they are!

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London: How to go around

What I saw the best in London when I traveled was the form of transportation.

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June is World Oceans Month

June is World Oceans Month. Let’s be aware and sensitive to our surroundings.

I have no trivia to say. I just want to stress on what has been occurring. A lot of things are happening in our environment. Especially this year in my country, the Philippines. We are in a state of feeling extreme hot weather and in the incoming months, it was said that the raining season will come early and become heavier than the usual. Our production has been suffering fatally, different regions in the state of calamity and the number of the sickly has been rising.

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