Half of 2017: Another 3!

Hello hello! It’s really been a while! I haven’t been posting much because of my schedules and work loads in college. I can’t find time for my blog and e-mails lately but woo! I am still surviving. Here’s a quick update  with tips (and some photography of course!). Continue reading “Half of 2017: Another 3!”


The 3 Cute Health Apps + Noom coach

Some of you may have school, work or you just want to have a healthy lifestyle. We are all so busy that we can’t keep track of what we eat or our physical movement. To answer this problem, I searched up cute health apps that would help you to keep yourself motivated and recorded.

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Insecurity became a hindrance

Hello everyone, Meryl here and it’s Reflection Monday again! Today, I want to share how insecurity became a hindrance to meeting my friends.


When I was in grade school, I had a hard time with my friends. It wasn’t just because of the quarrels between us, but it was also more on my part of being open with them.  First, I had a difficult time with trusting and speaking up about myself. Second, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to my friends and classmates. I guess this was because I was scared that they might judge me. And lastly, I would get an uncomfortable feeling whenever I would talk about myself with my friends, because I would feel that they might judge me for what I would say, or that they might label me as the “weird girl”. In the end, I would become the kind of girl who will just be talked about, made fun off, and left alone.

I was led to drowning in my own thoughts.

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Decluttering my study table and problems?


This post is messed up as my study table. I have no idea what I just typed.

Hey everyone, Meryl here! Aside from writing my blog entries, I have been cleaning selected (MESSY) spaces in my room (by the way I share a room with my sister). I would clean weekly to lessen the mess. For instance, I clean the upper part of my study table today then I’ll clean the lower part on Monday. I like that kind of routine!


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What’s left of summer?

Hellooooo, Meryl here! I was supposed to post  “Sibling top 10 favorite places in London” but I couldn’t finish it because a) My sister has her classes for college and b) My wifi is being a sore loser (AGAIN! If you have any suggestions for a great internet connection please comment below or PM me). I can’t access what I have written for the Sibling top 10 thing so I just came up with this which was supposed to be posted on the first day of June buuuut I was pretty hooked up in typing my future London entries.

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