Sleep and Heat

When it’s summer, we lie down, use our phone, eat and sleep. Although, it’s kinda hard to find the specific comfortable spot because of the summer heat. Continue reading “Sleep and Heat”


The Weekly Photo Challenge- Start of Summer

I’m back with my phone and camera to take shots this Summer! Wahoo! Continue reading “The Weekly Photo Challenge- Start of Summer”

Missed Adventures

School has ended and summer just started. What to do? Continue reading “Missed Adventures”


Green: Summer Drinks

I have to be honest. I mostly buy frappes, smoothies or other thirst quenching drinks when it’s hmm March to July? Main reason is the intense heat here in the Philippines. Although, what would always come in my mind—what about the plastic cups? Continue reading “Green: Summer Drinks”


Summer Captured 4

I’m back to post my Summer Captured 4! This is another set of unedited pictures from my last visit in San Luis, Batangas. I had too much fun taking pictures from there (hehe). I’m not sure if this will be the last set. Continue reading “Summer Captured 4”