A Day in Pagsanjan

Hi friends! I’m back for a travel post. I’m not sure how will this go but click if you want to see more.  (Quick info) My family and I went to Pagsanjan, Laguna for a certain birthday celebration last Sunday (June 11, 2017). It was a fun yet tiring day. Being a tourist in your own country is amazing. Continue reading “A Day in Pagsanjan”


Positive Collective I

Hello! In one of my posts, I mentioned that I send Positive Texts (link!).  Here are some messages that I sent. Hopefully, these words will make your day a little better. Continue reading “Positive Collective I”

The Weekly Photo Challenge- Start of Summer

I’m back with my phone and camera to take shots this Summer! Wahoo! Continue reading “The Weekly Photo Challenge- Start of Summer”


Missed Adventures

School has ended and summer just started. What to do? Continue reading “Missed Adventures”