See ya, 2018

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From “..uhm….” to “Ah! I got your back” +  throwback photography
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Half of 2017: Another 3!

Hello hello! It’s really been a while! I haven’t been posting much because of my schedules and work loads in college. I can’t find time for my blog and e-mails lately but woo! I am still surviving. Here’s a quick update  with tips (and some photography of course!). Continue reading “Half of 2017: Another 3!”


Liebster Awards: Get To Know New Bloggers

Hello! I’m back! Last week, Freya Meadows nominated me for the Liebester Award! Tah-dah!!! I am very happy and humbled to be nominated. Click to read more.

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Get to Know Me

I’ll try to get into the wave and do this “Get to Know Me” tag. If you want to get to know me just keep reading!

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