One Year Old

I have been out because of college. Very much busy. A lot of things has been happening, both good and bad. I will update you soon but for now….. I HAVE NO IDEA MY BLOG TURNED ONE YEAR OLD!

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College, what’s up?

Hi hi hi! I haven’t been online and making posts that much. I feel bad huhu but here’s a little update! Continue reading “College, what’s up?”

Summer Captured 4

I’m back to post my Summer Captured 4! This is another set of unedited pictures from my last visit in San Luis, Batangas. I had too much fun taking pictures from there (hehe). I’m not sure if this will be the last set. Continue reading “Summer Captured 4”

The 3 Cute Health Apps + Noom coach

Some of you may have school, work or you just want to have a healthy lifestyle. We are all so busy that we can’t keep track of what we eat or our physical movement. To answer this problem, I searched up cute health apps that would help you to keep yourself motivated and recorded.

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Summer Captured 2

Hi hi hi! I’m back to post some of the shots I took from last Summer 2016. Continue reading “Summer Captured 2”