I reached my first 100 followers!

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Sibling: Top 10 favorite places in London!

I finally finished this entry! Woo! It’s not that long but it was hard to pick out our favorite places since there were so much to choose from!

Thank you to my friend, Shawie, who suggested this post when I just published my first post about London (London: How to go around) check that out if you want. I didn’t thought of having a Top 10 list since (like I said) there were a lot of places that my sister and I loved. We tried our best to pick out the places we loved the most and here they are!

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Travel lesson numero uno

Hello everyone, Meryl here! Before I start this post, I want to thank everyone who opened my last post which was “Why did I start blogging?” (< if you haven’t read it yet then go and click the link 😛 ) So far it was my most visited entry. 100x salamat to ya’ll! (Salamat means thank you in Filipino a.k.a our language in the Philippines)

Moving on!

I want to start a weekly post called “Reflection Monday“. It’s just a step of knowing myself more. I’m going to post what I learned and possibly a striking (shout out to my HS classmates in AC go CLE!!) quote that connects to my reflection? (or a sentence… or a paragraph? Anyway something that inspires) every Monday. I do hope that I won’t get lazy in doing this!

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London: How to go around

What I saw the best in London when I traveled was the form of transportation.

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I graduated!

I cannot believe how time flew by so fast. I still remember when I was a new student in my school. I was the only 2nd year new high school student there. I did not know ANYONE. I was so scared and nervous but I was determined to start a new life there. I was finally free from the labels and comparisons from my old school. Before, I was having a hard time to show my true self because I was always being compared but when I transferred I felt so free.

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