The 3 Cute Health Apps + Noom coach

Some of you may have school, work or you just want to have a healthy lifestyle. We are all so busy that we can’t keep track of what we eat or our physical movement. To answer this problem, I searched up cute health apps that would help you to keep yourself motivated and recorded.

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Childhood is Golden

I can still remember the time when my sister and I would go down 4:00 p.m. during summer to play “Ice, ice, water”. The children from our village would come down around that time too. We were such a large group. We played loads of Pinoy games and sports throughout summer. Our vacations were never dull. Continue reading “Childhood is Golden”

Positivity Reminders

I just want to share small things that makes my day positive and bright. I hope this will help all of you. Continue reading “Positivity Reminders”


Batangas: Day 4 (4 photos)

Today was full of practice shots with my Fujifilm. It was fun and tiring. I had to crouch, be mindful of the water and get a little bit sunburn but it was all worth it.

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I reached my first 100 followers!

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