One Year Old

I have been out because of college. Very much busy. A lot of things has been happening, both good and bad. I will update you soon but for now….. I HAVE NO IDEA MY BLOG TURNED ONE YEAR OLD!

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Holiday Flicker

I’m back for a short holiday post! For me, Christmas passed by really fast for me. Maybe because of the problems that would come and go.So much things has been happening recently, college, new experiences, friends and much more. Even if all of those thoughts were in my head, I got to see the smallest flickers of light that made my Christmas great. Continue reading “Holiday Flicker”

The 3 Cute Health Apps + Noom coach

Some of you may have school, work or you just want to have a healthy lifestyle. We are all so busy that we can’t keep track of what we eat or our physical movement. To answer this problem, I searched up cute health apps that would help you to keep yourself motivated and recorded.

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Summer Captured 1

Hey everyone! Right now, I’m focusing on my studies but I still practice my photography now and then. In line with this, I want to share a couple of photos that I shot last Summer 2016. Continue reading “Summer Captured 1”

Childhood is Golden

I can still remember the time when my sister and I would go down 4:00 p.m. during summer to play “Ice, ice, water”. The children from our village would come down around that time too. We were such a large group. We played loads of Pinoy games and sports throughout summer. Our vacations were never dull. Continue reading “Childhood is Golden”