Childhood is Golden

I can still remember the time when my sister and I would go down 4:00 p.m. during summer to play “Ice, ice, water”. The children from our village would come down around that time too. We were such a large group. We played loads of Pinoy games and sports throughout summer. Our vacations were never dull. Continue reading “Childhood is Golden”


I reached my first 100 followers!

Hello everyone, Meryl here! This will be a short post. Continue reading “I reached my first 100 followers!”

The Weekly Photo Challenge- Dark for the whole week (3 photos)

For the whole week, the sky was either cloudy or dark. It would rain most of the time so I couldn’t go outside to take pictures. In fact, after I took this picture, the rain started.



I’m writing for My Trending Stories

Hello everyone, Meryl here! I have news for you. DRUM ROLL!! I am now a “Contributor” in “My Trending Stories, a blog based in New York! Their blog has one specific core value which is, “giving back the power to the writers through freedom of speech and expression. Several blogging websites support a specific political view, ideology or mindset.” They welcome any topics from News to Lifestyle, as long as the content  does not contribute to racism, discrimination or anything that violates an individual’s human rights.


I received a private message from them through my Instagram account. I was able to contact them through the e-mail they gave. After a few days, they e-mailed me offering a position as a “Contributor” to their blog. They believe that my blog supports their core value. I was overjoyed by this news and showed the e-mail to my family. Before accepting, I consulted my family and three or four friends about the position offer. I also researched their website and asked a couple of bloggers about it. I wanted to make sure that they were legit. After researching and consulting my friends and family, I decided to accept the offer.

I will be posting here and in My Trending Stories (MTS)! Most probably the same material since I don’t have enough time to post a lot of content since college is coming. 

This is my My Trending Stories account > Meryl Shie

Twitter: @azuMERYL
Instagram: @azumeryl

Salamat for reading!


My 2nd key ingredient to happiness

Hello everyone, Meryl here! And it’s Reflection Monday again!

Before I start, I want to thank everyone who read my last Reflection Monday post (Insecurity became a hindrance). I got a lot of great feedback from all of you. Some of you messaged me about their own insecurity experiences. I feel grateful that you have given me the chance to listen to your stories. I’m glad that you want to overcome your insecurities as well. We still have a long way to go but we can do this together.

Salamat 100x!

Honestly, I didn’t plan any topic to post for today. I literally just opened my laptop and started typing what was on my mind.

It’s July, a new month, and kinda half of 2016. Looking back, a lot of things already happened this 2016. It was such a wave for me to realize that I experienced so much. I met new friends, passed my tests, got into my dream school, and graduated! I also started my photography hobby ever since I bought my own camera and I also celebrated my sister’s debut… I also made my own blog and I even started to share my experiences to all of you. All that happened were so fast and overwhelming.  I remember just having those happenings in my dreams and next, I didn’t even know where to start…. And now I’m here. Continue reading “My 2nd key ingredient to happiness”