See ya, 2018

Thank you 2017. Hello 2018 (a short post) Continue reading “See ya, 2018”


Barcollie P.Noval BlogxVlog

Hello! Hello! This is my first Food Adventure post in my blog! A.K.A Foodventures! Today, it’s a place near UST called “Barcollie”. Read my review! Continue reading “Barcollie P.Noval BlogxVlog”

Missed Adventures

School has ended and summer just started. What to do? Continue reading “Missed Adventures”



Hey friends! It’s January 2017. Wow.

For this journal entry, I want to focus on my goals. Continue reading “Goals”


My new roller coaster ride

Hello! It has been a while since I posted. College kept me busy and away from this online journal of mine. I did not even get to post some of the tips I was making (oh noooooo). Lots of sorrys!!! Anyway, some told me they want to see more pictures and posts of my experiences. I’ll try to make posts and publish it here as soon as I can! This blog has been dead for the past… 2 months? Continue reading “My new roller coaster ride”