Childhood is Golden

I can still remember the time when my sister and I would go down 4:00 p.m. during summer to play “Ice, ice, water”. The children from our village would come down around that time too. We were such a large group. We played loads of Pinoy games and sports throughout summer. Our vacations were never dull. Continue reading “Childhood is Golden”


My 2nd key ingredient to happiness

Hello everyone, Meryl here! And it’s Reflection Monday again!

Before I start, I want to thank everyone who read my last Reflection Monday post (Insecurity became a hindrance). I got a lot of great feedback from all of you. Some of you messaged me about their own insecurity experiences. I feel grateful that you have given me the chance to listen to your stories. I’m glad that you want to overcome your insecurities as well. We still have a long way to go but we can do this together.

Salamat 100x!

Honestly, I didn’t plan any topic to post for today. I literally just opened my laptop and started typing what was on my mind.

It’s July, a new month, and kinda half of 2016. Looking back, a lot of things already happened this 2016. It was such a wave for me to realize that I experienced so much. I met new friends, passed my tests, got into my dream school, and graduated! I also started my photography hobby ever since I bought my own camera and I also celebrated my sister’s debut… I also made my own blog and I even started to share my experiences to all of you. All that happened were so fast and overwhelming.  I remember just having those happenings in my dreams and next, I didn’t even know where to start…. And now I’m here. Continue reading “My 2nd key ingredient to happiness”

Insecurity became a hindrance

Hello everyone, Meryl here and it’s Reflection Monday again! Today, I want to share how insecurity became a hindrance to meeting my friends.


When I was in grade school, I had a hard time with my friends. It wasn’t just because of the quarrels between us, but it was also more on my part of being open with them.  First, I had a difficult time with trusting and speaking up about myself. Second, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to my friends and classmates. I guess this was because I was scared that they might judge me. And lastly, I would get an uncomfortable feeling whenever I would talk about myself with my friends, because I would feel that they might judge me for what I would say, or that they might label me as the “weird girl”. In the end, I would become the kind of girl who will just be talked about, made fun off, and left alone.

I was led to drowning in my own thoughts.

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Decluttering my study table and problems?


This post is messed up as my study table. I have no idea what I just typed.

Hey everyone, Meryl here! Aside from writing my blog entries, I have been cleaning selected (MESSY) spaces in my room (by the way I share a room with my sister). I would clean weekly to lessen the mess. For instance, I clean the upper part of my study table today then I’ll clean the lower part on Monday. I like that kind of routine!


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Travel lesson numero uno

Hello everyone, Meryl here! Before I start this post, I want to thank everyone who opened my last post which was “Why did I start blogging?” (< if you haven’t read it yet then go and click the link 😛 ) So far it was my most visited entry. 100x salamat to ya’ll! (Salamat means thank you in Filipino a.k.a our language in the Philippines)

Moving on!

I want to start a weekly post called “Reflection Monday“. It’s just a step of knowing myself more. I’m going to post what I learned and possibly a striking (shout out to my HS classmates in AC go CLE!!) quote that connects to my reflection? (or a sentence… or a paragraph? Anyway something that inspires) every Monday. I do hope that I won’t get lazy in doing this!

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