Benefits of a Daily Journal

First year of my blog? I’ll try to list down my personal benefits of journal writing because my blog is an online journal. Continue reading “Benefits of a Daily Journal”



Hey friends! It’s January 2017. Wow.

For this journal entry, I want to focus on my goals. Continue reading “Goals”

Summer Captured 2

Hi hi hi! I’m back to post some of the shots I took from last Summer 2016. Continue reading “Summer Captured 2”

How was my Summer 2016?

This summer was unbelievably fast. My school starts this week! Continue reading “How was my Summer 2016?”

The Weekly Photo Challenge- Rainy Sunday (4 photos)

Today, my family and I went out to visit the church in San Juan, Quezon City. 

We stopped by to pray for the blessing we had received and to come.