One Year Old

I have been out because of college. Very much busy. A lot of things has been happening, both good and bad. I will update you soon but for now….. I HAVE NO IDEA MY BLOG TURNED ONE YEAR OLD!

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Hey friends! It’s January 2017. Wow.

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Positivity Reminders

I just want to share small things that makes my day positive and bright. I hope this will help all of you. Continue reading “Positivity Reminders”


Decluttering my study table and problems?


This post is messed up as my study table. I have no idea what I just typed.

Hey everyone, Meryl here! Aside from writing my blog entries, I have been cleaning selected (MESSY) spaces in my room (by the way I share a room with my sister). I would clean weekly to lessen the mess. For instance, I clean the upper part of my study table today then I’ll clean the lower part on Monday. I like that kind of routine!


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Travel lesson numero uno

Hello everyone, Meryl here! Before I start this post, I want to thank everyone who opened my last post which was “Why did I start blogging?” (< if you haven’t read it yet then go and click the link 😛 ) So far it was my most visited entry. 100x salamat to ya’ll! (Salamat means thank you in Filipino a.k.a our language in the Philippines)

Moving on!

I want to start a weekly post called “Reflection Monday“. It’s just a step of knowing myself more. I’m going to post what I learned and possibly a striking (shout out to my HS classmates in AC go CLE!!) quote that connects to my reflection? (or a sentence… or a paragraph? Anyway something that inspires) every Monday. I do hope that I won’t get lazy in doing this!

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