Positive Collective I

Hello! In one of my posts, I mentioned that I send Positive Texts (link!).  Here are some messages that I sent. Hopefully, these words will make your day a little better. Continue reading “Positive Collective I”


The Weekly Photo Challenge- Back home (3 photos)

Back home! I have a short break since it’s Undas. Continue reading “The Weekly Photo Challenge- Back home (3 photos)”

The Weekly Photo Challenge- Bleached (2 photos)

This week has been fun. The first picture was taken earlier this week. I was fixing my photo albums when I saw a pile of my old school class photos. Continue reading “The Weekly Photo Challenge- Bleached (2 photos)”

The Weekly Photo Challenge- Rainy Sunday (4 photos)

Today, my family and I went out to visit the church in San Juan, Quezon City. 

We stopped by to pray for the blessing we had received and to come.

The Weekly Photo Challenge – Father’s Day 5 photos 

Hellooooo! Meryl here 😊 Recently, I’ve been scrolling in my wordpress reader and I noticed that there are weekly photo challenge posts and so I thought to myself ” I want to join too!” I want to challenge myself into posting my photos weekly. 

I’m fond of taking photos but what’s the point if nobody else is going to see them but me?

I’ll post my photos on my blog because I want to share what I’m fond of doing and it’s always nice to look back at the memories I’ve had with each photo. This challenge seems to be a lot of fun!

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