I survived the 21-day challenge!

21-I survived the 21-day challenge!

Recap, on June 19, I accepted a 21-day challenge wherein I wasn’t allowed to eat sweets, pastries, fast food, pasta, white bread, soda and chips. Continue reading “I survived the 21-day challenge!”

21-Day Challenge:  Pokèmon is my motivation!?

Hello friends, Meryl here! Okay, update for my 21-day challenge. 

Today, I was tempted to eat chips. I know that this isn’t just me. Some of you also have those urge to satisfy those junk food cravings! That craving of saltiness on your tongue just waiting to be fulfilled… I almost grabbed the bag of crisps in the green container of junks. My sister said that I was “cheating”. I protested but thinking about it… I ALMOST cheated. The temptation was too strong. She then proposed that if I will finish my 21-day challenge without cheating then, she will buy me the new Pokémon Go watch that Nintendo will launch around July. I’m really psyched for that game! I’ve been waiting for months! I’ve been a fan of Pokèmon for so long. I’m sure that I’m not the only one waiting for the launch!! 

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21-day challenge accepted!

Hey friends! Meryl here!

 Today, I’m starting a 21-day challenge. I bought a book last Friday called “The Happiness Project”. The author mentioned a challenged called the “21-day challenge”. I got curious since I really love challenges! They’re a bunch of fun! So searched it up. 

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