See ya, 2018

Thank you 2017. Hello 2018 (a short post) Continue reading “See ya, 2018”


Barcollie P.Noval BlogxVlog

Hello! Hello! This is my first Food Adventure post in my blog! A.K.A Foodventures! Today, it’s a place near UST called “Barcollie”. Read my review! Continue reading “Barcollie P.Noval BlogxVlog”


From “..uhm….” to “Ah! I got your back” +  throwback photography
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A Day in Pagsanjan

Hi friends! I’m back for a travel post. I’m not sure how will this go but click if you want to see more.  (Quick info) My family and I went to Pagsanjan, Laguna for a certain birthday celebration last Sunday (June 11, 2017). It was a fun yet tiring day. Being a tourist in your own country is amazing. Continue reading “A Day in Pagsanjan”


Half of 2017: Another 3!

Hello hello! It’s really been a while! I haven’t been posting much because of my schedules and work loads in college. I can’t find time for my blog and e-mails lately but woo! I am still surviving. Here’s a quick update  with tips (and some photography of course!). Continue reading “Half of 2017: Another 3!”