About Meryl

“I want to give back, inspire people and make them happy through my deeds.” 

Meryl Shie is a 18-year-old Filipina who loves stuffed toys and photography. She lives in the hot yet colorful country called the Philippines. Other than being a neophyte blogger, she is currently going to college for a pre-med course in the University of Santo Tomas. She is constantly getting to know herself through trying new things. She loves sharing her optimism through posts and small acts of love. She is discovering her own style and as of now she is pretty happy that she has the courage to share a piece of her to everyone.

A lot of people are confused where she got “Azumeryl”.

Azumeryl” is the combination of the Pokemon, Azumarill and her name, Meryl. When she was young, her friends would ask how her name was pronounced or have fun in calling her “Azumeryl“. She brought that name as she grew up which she used as her alias in her social media sites.

The Blog

This blog will consist of different adventures and tips that I would want to share. Some maybe school experiences, stories through my photos, motivational posts and hm.. Stationery and basic hauls! I want to see how will this work out. I hope you will stick with me through the end! Let’s have fun!

The Tabs

Home –  Where you will find the latest blog posts of this online journal.

Inspiration Board- Click that tab and you will see my motivational posts and tips for ya’ll! I also post some stuff about my advocacy! Saving the environment.

Photo Album- Well this is the tab to go to if you want to see my Photography! Some has short stories while others are just photos that speaks for itself.

Doodles- This contains little things I try, buy and hmm some events? This one is still a working progress but soon this will have hauls and quirky stuff!

My Log- This has stories of my expriences in school and other things. This one is mostly about school, stationery and hmm quite possibly other helpful stuff for you!

Travel Diary- This one contains pictures, stories and tips from my travels. I don’t go out a lot but I have reached other places!


My photos and content are all mine unless mentioned and/or asked permission to the owner.

I got my background from dressupyourtech.tumblr.com


If you have any questions, inquiries or you just want to contact me through my e-mail:
✉️ azumerylbusiness16@gmail.com
My Trending Stories Account: Meryl Shie

YouPic Account: Azumeryl

Twitter: @azuMERYL
Instagram: @azumeryl
Tumblr: azumeryl.tumblr.com
Ask.fm: Meryl Shie


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