3 Simple Ways For The Environment

The news about our beloved earth is alarming. So many things has been happening and yet, most of us are still ignorant about it. We all have our role to uphold to protect Mother Nature. So! Here are three ways we can help our dear environment. 

3 simple ways  for the environment

1.  Eco Bags

My first tip is to use Eco bags whenever you go out to buy things. Most of you must be doing this already but I want to remind all of you that using Eco bags go a long way. By using Eco bags, plastic bags will lessen and we get to save up our money. We know that plastics harm the environment. Plus, Eco bags have a lot of designs. Nowadays, shopping stores sell their own kind of Eco bags for their customers.
Here are 3 facts about plastic:

  • It’s estimated that 1 million birds and thousands of turtles and other sea animals die each year after ingesting discarded plastic bags. (source)
  • In 1997, a 65 foot, 70 ton finback whale died off the coast of Spain because its digestive tract had been blocked by 30 plastic bags, and several hard plastic objects. (source)
  • It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle in the ocean to completed degrade. (source)
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2. Switch to LED lights

If you’re not using LED lights in your household then, you better switch your bulbs! LED lights are better because they are most cost-efficient. LED lights last longer and it doesn’t consume that much of electricity than the other kinds (fluorescent and incandescent). If you go the hardware stores, you might find LED lights a little bit pricey but it’s worth it. My mum switched our light bulbs to LED lights and my study atmosphere became better.
Here are 2 interesting facts about LED lights:

  • LED is able to function without overheating and it does not radiate ultraviolet/infrared. (source)
  • LED utilises a crystal-based lighting technology which is safer. Majority of current lighting devices run on mercury which is a well-known neurotoxin that is considered by health experts as a deadly chemical. (source) (In short, LED lights are safer for us and the environment.

3. Reduce waste!

Reducing waste will go a long way. For instance, instead of using plastic bags in the supermarket, bring your own eco-bags!I know this is a typical example but it can reduce so much waste in your house. You can also do this when you got to the wet and dry market or the palengke.  (and yeah, I mentioned this above ehe.) Let me give another example! Hmm.. So okay, we have those extra plastic bags at home, we can use those as a “cover” for our garbage bins. You know when you put the black plastic inside to it will be easier to clean and throw it away? Yeah. Instead of buying the hella big garbage bags, use those extra plastic lying around.

I want to give another one (and I’m still working on this), reduce plastic straws! I know paper straws are kinda hard to use because it “melts” in your drink.. because it’s.. paper. Well try to look for a washable stainless straw! It’s a great alternative but I’m still looking for one. They usually come in straw cleaners– like a test tube brush. I want one so I can reduce my use of straw (like when I go to Starbucks– I also recycle those cups btw). I rarely drink softdrinks and if I do, I don’t use straw 🙂 . Aaaaand here are some facts about straws:

  • Plastic drinking straws can contain harmful toxins that can be detrimental to your health and the health of your family, including Phthalates and Bisphenol A. More commonly known as BPA, Bisphenol A has been linked to brain and behaviour problems, increased risk of cancer, heart problems and increased health issues for young children. (source)
  • Did you know that disposable plastic straws are one of the top 10 most common items of trash found in the ocean and on our beaches? With over 500 million plastic straws being used every day in the US alone… (source)
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We all have our own role to protect and preserve Mother Nature. It may seem that our everyday actions such us, buying fast food and leaving the light on in a vacant room may not really affect anyone… But actually it not only affects us but the whole planet. We should do are part and be responsible.

Thank you for reading! If you have any comments or suggestions for other ways to help our mother nature, just comment down below or message me in any of my social media sites. I would love to read your opinions and suggestions! Yay!

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