YouTube Channels For School

Hello! Since school is coming up (well some already started……), here is a blog post about 4 YouTube channels for study inspirations. Some of you may be too tired and not ready for school sooo maybe this will help you get motivated for school… Maybe?

These YouTube channels are usually what I watch for help and mood boosters…. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll get on with my short list of YouTubers!

Jordan Clark

Her videos are so calm and cute. Very much aesthetic (yes!). Her blog features stationery, creativity and many more. This is the channel I go to if I want to have some creativity boost or have some sprinkle of inspiration. Oh yeah! She also has a blog so check that out tooooo — link

Some videos that you may want to watch:

Ways to Fill Your Notebooks
making a pen pal letter
when you’re lost



Her videos are more of calm effects or mindfulness about oneself. She gives tips on how to take care of yourself in various ways which I think will really help you if you need to put your books down and meditate. By the way, she has a blog– link

Some videos that you may want to watch:

Morning Pages – Write Daily For  Clarity, Creativity, Productivity
BE INSPIRED | How to find inspiration
Law of Attraction: How to Get Anything You Want

lave cover.png

Aura Azarcon

If you don’t know, I’m currently a Medical Technology student. In the future, I want to be in the medical field and you know…. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find someone older than you to ask for helps, tips and some boost to continue what you’re doing. So! Whenever I need some tips for med or a taste of the med scene, I watch Ate Aura’s videos. Yes! She’s a Filipino. Her videos are so helpful and whenever a friend of mine ask me for pre-med advice, I always suggest her channel to my friends! She also has a blog! – link 

Some videos that you may want to watch:

How Long Does It Take To Be A Doctor In The Philippines?
How To Choose Youre Pre-Med/College Course?
My #1 Study Tip – Pomodoro Technique

/I apologize for pixelated images/


Med School Insider

I recently followed this channel for more study tips and ideas….. AND to know more about the Medical world. The videos in this channel can be for students of all courses! It can also be people who are working or those who just wants to learn more about how our body works and how should we do it. I totally recommend this for quick tips to pick-up.

Err- I can’t really provide pictures for this one so just check their channel out!

Some videos you may want to watch:

How to Wake Up Early – And Not be Miserable
Pre-Med Study Strategies
Finals Week! – 6 Study Tips and Tricks

That’s all I’ll post for now. These are just some of the channels I go to for school and creativity. I hope you got to check them out or be a little interested to watch their videos. Ah! By the way, I wasn’t sponsored or was given a job to do this post. I just wanted to share some of the channels I watch on YouTube. They’re a great help so I hope you gave them a thumbs up like I did too!

Thank you for reading! If you have any comments or suggestions for other channels I should check out, just comment down below or message me in any of my social media sites.

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One thought on “YouTube Channels For School

  1. Agree these you tube channels are really helpful if we want to get any information ralated to these. With the help of vedios one can understand better than written material. For school going kids these you tube channels are so important also.

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