Is It Too Late For Printables?

One of things that I love is stationery. I love stickers, pens, notebooks and those kind of knick knacks but what I want to share in this post are 3 different, cute and free printables that you can use for your planner or simply organizing! 


Before I start, I forgot to say that I have started making my own calendar and to-do lists printables. I wanted to share my first batch to everyone but there was a problem with the font style whenever I convert my word document into a PDF file so I couldn’t post it here 😦 maybe next year I can.

  1. The Organised Student

I have to say that she is my go to inspiration printables because of three reasons. First, her style fits my style. Second, her tables are a match for my needs. Third, her printables are free!

For a complete link of all of her printables check this link

These are just some of her printable samples. She has a whole lot more that you might want to check out.

What’s inside:


This link has the other free beautifully designed printables. YAY!

2. Tiny Me

If you have a budget for ink, you can try these printables from this link. This one is pretty colorful compared to the one above. It has cute tabs for your planner that will make your pages lively.

**You have to subscribe to them to download their printables but it’s easy 😀


'Happy' Free Diary Printables from tinyme
Photo from the blog page
Free Happy Diary Printables from tinyme
Photo from the blog page

If you’re interested, just check this link! Hooray!

3.  Time Management by IHeart Organizing

I want to start with IHeart Organizing’s Time Management printable. It’s quite colorful yet easy to use. It takes ink but not that much 😀 There are printable calendars for each month and you can just write the dates. It sounds common but I like how there are quotes at the bottom for each month.

What’s inside?

  • Daily Tasks
  • Daily Goals
  • Daily Schedule
  • Today’s Plan
  • Family Chores
  • Calendar

I personally like this printable kit. SOOOO DOWNLOAD IT!! Link

Hello hello! SO this is the end of this post. I wanted to share more but it was difficult to choose from the other free online available printables since they all seemed the same it was hard how to obtain it. Like, you have to sign up, accept and such… It would be a big hassle so these three are what I picked out from all of the selections I looked for in different blogs. Though, if you have any sites you go to or resources for planner printables and organizers, just comment down below or message me in my social media accounts! I would love to hear your suggestions!! WOO!! ❤ I hope this post helped you. Have a fun time in school. It may be hard but it will be worth it in the end.

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