Wattah Wattah 2017

Last year, I went to San Juan, Manila with my dad to take pictures of their Wattah Wattah festival. This year, we went again and still stayed in the safety of our car.


We were approaching the festival goers when I took this picture. I was warming up, testing the settings of my camera. I didn’t want my settings to be err… Weird and difficult. I might miss the awesome splashing scenes that can be taken a picture of.



This was near the Aquinas College. There were about four firetrucks along this ride. They gave cooling showers to the people of San Juan. It looked fun and festive. People were cheering and raising their hands up to feel the water hit on their skin.


This was on the same festive street. When I saw the rainbow from the puddles of water and “fountains” from the firetrucks, I immediately took a picture. It was pretty cool and a rare sight… So there it is!


The harsh and cold water coming from the firetrucks. These boys were jumping and saying “wooo!!”. It looked fun and I honestly wanted to join them buuuuut I don’t want to go home dripping wet in the car.


We passed by the firetrucks and there was nothing to take a picture of… So I decided to take a picture of that specific water droplet. The big one by the middle. I liked the reflection of the other droplets and the blurred background. It gave a beautiful glow.


As my dad drove down the road, there were still people holding their pails and tabo to give people on the streets a splash. One person splashed a whole bucket of water on my side of the car… and… LOOK!!! So pretty!


By the end of our trip, I saw this child carrying a water gun and I told myself that I should take a picture of her buuuuuut…. My camera focused on the droplets on the window. I didn’t get the shot I wanted but… ugh look at this beauty.

That’s all for now! I haven’t been posting a lot since.. uh.. I have no excuse but I’ll try to post the other photos I took from a couple of weeks ago.

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