Sleep and Heat

When it’s summer, we lie down, use our phone, eat and sleep. Although, it’s kinda hard to find the specific comfortable spot because of the summer heat.We usually toss and turn until we find that position that feels comfortable and nice– and that is very much HARD to find. It’s like a whole new challenge especially if you don’t have air-condition in your room or if you’re trying to reduce your electricity consumption.

To aid the sleeping problems under the summer heat, let me TRY to list down ways how to avoid this summer mess.

  1. Lotion
    I haven’t met anyone who does this except for myself. After washing up, I usually get my moisturizing lotion (Cetaphil) and apply it in my skin. I know that wearing lotion can sometimes make you feel sticky but when you apply before going to bed, it feels niiiiiiiiice. The sheets just slide on your skin and.. yeah HAHA. I’m not sure if you guys are willing to try it but it’s honestly nice.
  2. All white
    Basic rule of summer is “don’t wear black” since it absorbs heat. The heat bounces off the white soooo wear white! I know most of you loves wearing the color black but phew it gets really hot sometimes. At least wear a white shirt when you go to sleep or if you’re just at home. For me, I have a bunch of old school white shirts in my closet. It all came from school activities that we had to or I wanted to buy. Since I don’t need them anymore, I just use those shirts as my pjs. If the old shirt is too hot for you, then just cut those sleeves! Reuse 😀
  3. Hair up
    No, this is not the one when you tie your hair. This is when you lie down, bring your hands under your neck and toss the ends of your hair upwards. I know some of you do it!! Because you know it’s so so soooo hot and your neck is becoming all sweaty from the heat. So just wave your hair away to make you neck feel a little better.
  4. Slightly opened curtains
    Some people don’t have air-condition. There were times in the place I stay in for college that it was so hot but I didn’t want to waste electricity. So what I would do is open the window (I have a screen) and let a small part of the curtain open. The air is still hot but it helps…. just a little bit….
  5. 1/2 Air-condition
    Like what I said earlier, there were times in the place where I stay when it was so hot but I didn’t want to waste electricity. So what I would do, an hour before going to sleep, I still study. While I read my notes and such, I open the air-condition for that hour and close it before I sleep. I turn on the fan and just let the “left our chill” circulate in my room. It kinda helps in saving electricity and helping me keep myself cool in my sleep. SO you’re keeping yourself cool, save money and the environment at the same time!
  6. Water it
    Before sleeping, I usually drink a glass of water. I love staying hydrated and completing my Plant Nanny app (click the link ehe) before the day ends. To be honest, I noticed that I get better sleep whenever I drink water before I sleep. I don’t have a hard time falling asleep when I do this—- OR in general, I don’t have a hard time going to sleep when I drink my needed amount of water for the day. It helps my brain circulate and my body well…. oxygenated. YEAH. WOO so drink your needed H2O.
  7. Clean up
    I have this schedule of keep my things away after a day of reading, writing, eating or whatever it is I did. It helps me relax before going to sleep. I make sure that I will not touch my phone while doing this because I will just get distracted and my mind will just keep on being active. What I want is to chill and have my brain to relax before going to bed. This helps me to be composed before closing my eyes. I know this can’t help reduce heat but it helps you be calm in order to fall asleep. Having clutter in your room can make your mind be cluttered as well. So try to keep things organized! Put up daily reminders that you want to remember on your wall when you wake up to avoid a hassle morning.
  8. Get comfy
    Of course, you have to have the right pillows and blankets for sleeping. For me, I always have my favorite pillows and stuffed toys (yes.) by my side. I like them close to me. Then, I snuggle up under a comforter or a light blanket that I really like. Though, sometimes it bothers me when the bed isn’t…. comfy. Specifically the mattress. Like, it makes my back ache and when I wake up I’m just like “ugh”. When that happens, I try to look for a nice position for me to get comfortable. You know, that specific position that makes your comfortable and fall asleep. It’s kinda rough to find the specific position but it’s worth it huhu. BUT BUT BUT BUT if you can’t find that specific position, you should maybe fix your mattress or change it up with something soft and breathable. If you feel like searching some nice and soft  mattresses right now, go and head to Leesa and check out their comfy mattress  .

Summer and sleeping are two great things BUT it is such a bad thing if you can’t enjoy it. It’s such a waste of summer if you have sleepless nights. So let’s try to get the sleep cycle going and your body happy! YAY!

Thank you for reading 😀

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