The Weekly Photo Challenge- Start of Summer

I’m back with my phone and camera to take shots this Summer! Wahoo!

Day 1.png
Day 1: Expressway

This day was scorching. The cool air from the air-condition from the car was not enough. I could feel the sun’s rays making me darker by the second. So whenever you have a car ride, always bring something that can cover up your skin. It can be a jacket or your handkerchief. Don’t soak up under the UV rays!!

Day 2: Cleaning

My second day consisted of pruning my basil plant and taking the weeds out of the aloe vera. I planted seeds in other pots like, Coriander and Parsley. It was fun getting back to the soil and watering them. So while I’m at home and not attending any classes, I’ll tend my new herbs and learn more about taking care of them.

Day 3: Out

My day consisted of walking and watching our little baby visitor swim and take a dive with my sister. I just watched and took pictures and videos of them. It was a nice change of pace to go out and watch people swim and laugh. College has been in full swing so I didn’t get to enjoy a lot.

Nakakabitin pero that’s it for now. I haven’t transferred my other pictures and I have been attending to e-mail replies and such.

Thank you for reading 😀

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