Green: Summer Drinks

I have to be honest. I mostly buy frappes, smoothies or other thirst quenching drinks when it’s hmm March to July? Main reason is the intense heat here in the Philippines. Although, what would always come in my mind—what about the plastic cups?

I can’t ignore the fact that whenever I buy drinks, let’s say from Starbucks, I feel so “urky” (Uhm, is it just me? huhu) because of the plastic cup that came with it (plus the straw and lid). I feel like I need to reduce my consumption for cold drinks because of the plastic I wasted BUT BUT BUT the heat though? To put my thoughts at ease, I bring home the used Starbucks cup and clean it. I would look at it and think what I can do to reuse this. I told myself that maybe I can use this for organizing…?

Hey, the plastic is thick and it transparent! I like it when my organizers are either transparent or wooden (most of my organizers are plastic—reused cookie jars, cups etc.). I like that I can see what’s inside the container so I can easily look for my things.

combined green summer drinks.jpg


For this Starbucks cup, I used it to place my hair brush, blush, concealer, lip balm and other personal things that’s for beauty. Relating this, I mentioned a cookie jar above. This is plastic cookie jar with a plastic lid on top. I didn’t want to throw it away so the jar was complete washed and dried up. I didn’t bother to remove the sticker because I know that there will be remains on the plastic that will make it look ugly—ew. So, I just left it there and I would just rotate the clear side to me (hehe).

Inside the plastic cookie jar, I place the stationary that I would always need to grab when I need to study AND what I need to keep and don’t want to be scattered on my table. You know when your table has different pens, highlighters, scissors, glue and tape? AND UGH you don’t want to keep them away because you’re too lazy? Yeah, I just dump all of those colorful things in this jar. VERY MUCH HELPFUL because I can easily grab that container and put it all in and see if the things I need are inside. It’s already stored and organized according to what I need!

I want to provide pictures for these containers but they’re in my condo and I’m at home so I can’t take pictures right now but I will make another post for D.I.Y.s! I want to try to make a post about it hehe so yeah that’s it for now. It’s quite a short post but I will find time to make a new one for recycling and D.I.Y.s!

Thank you for reading 😀

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