Benefits of a Daily Journal

First year of my blog? I’ll try to list down my personal benefits of journal writing because my blog is an online journal.

A little background information, I started writing on a daily journal since waaaay before like when I was ten years old? But I wasn’t THAT diligent to it at that time. I started to really write everyday when I was 15 years old? I would just list down the positive things that happened that day in bullet form. Last year, I started writing down my experiences and how I feel about it and I noticed positive outcomes. (by the way, I’m not that person who writes down secrets in my journal so… it’s just a narrative of what I do everyday and my development tracker for my goals)

Disclaimer: These are my own findings from my personal experiences.

  1. Relaxation
    Whenever I would start writing down my experiences for the day, my mind started to look back at all of the negative and positive events that happened that day. It felt nice to look back what happened on that day. Writing down my experiences make me feel that the negative events that happened on that day can be solved easily. Plus plus, scientifically, writing on a journal relaxes your mind, spirit and body.
  2. Mindfulness
    One of the things I have noticed whenever I write down is that I start to get to know myself more. When I read back my journal entries, I start to realize what kind of person I am (a little scary) and it helps me develop into a better person. This is really good if you always have scattered thoughts. It will make your mind at ease and organize. (also, if you have complicated feelings clouding your mind, this will help you figure it out)

    My thoughts + experiences = transforming into a better person bit by bit.

  3. Favorite: Goals!
    As I write down my experiences, I include some of the goals that I realized on that day that I would want to achieve in my life. This can be anything! From drinking 8 glasses of water a day down to lifting my self-confidence. Super nice (legit!), it will help you track down your  goals and achievements. A++!
  4. Problem Solving
    Putting my problems on pen and paper helps me to solve my problems. It’s like, while I write, I get to reread my problems and make my mind feel at ease. I have a chance to think about my frustration, sadness and anger. (Wala lang ayun lang, it gives time for me to think of answers and like I said, journaling calms me down.. so it helps!)
  5. Discipline..?
    Last one! Yeah a little discipline because it helps me organize and be diligent to my schedule. I usually write before I go to sleep to help me recall what happened on that day and to relax my mind from all of the memorizing, studying…. tiring activities I did. So ayun.

That’s all I have to say for now! By the way, how you journal depends on your style. You can jot down the good things that happened on that day, write a small paragraph of what you did or you can just draw! (and, try not to waste space because… it would be a waste of paper. You can start with a simple spiral notebook- can be recycled if you are not sure how diligent you would be in writing) Happy writing and I hope personal experiences helped you– I HOPE IT DID. Kasi, journals aren’t for keeping specifically for secrets… It can be used for other things as well.

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