One Year Old

I have been out because of college. Very much busy. A lot of things has been happening, both good and bad. I will update you soon but for now….. I HAVE NO IDEA MY BLOG TURNED ONE YEAR OLD!

When I started this blog of mine, all I wanted to do was to document my experiences through pictures and simple words. As you can see, I don’t use descriptive nor deep words in my posts. I have to be honest, I’m not good in constructing sentences and paragraphs. I am mainly fond at journal writing about my experiences everyday so… my words are like in a journal type of style. As I blogged, I told myself that while I post my experiences, maybe I should incorporate the things that I learned during that time. I want to continue my personal motto through my online journal which is “I want to give back, inspire people and make them happy through my deeds.”

I have to say that this blog has made me discover things about myself and my readers. I started to become more open and… a little more confident about myself? My insecurities still eat me up from time o time but I have improved in believing in myself which is massive for me. I’ve always had troubles in believing in myself but now I’m getting more comfortable of how I am (SO, I really recommend that you should have a journal). It really has a lot of benefits! Maybe, I should write a post on that next time…. but anyway! I’ve been getting better at socializing in school and with other people I see everyday because of that boost of confidence. A huge part of me slowly became an open book which paved way for meeting new friends and deepening our friendship. As this went on, I unraveled more things about myself which surprised and made me happy (legit, having a journal helps!). Moving on, whenever I type and write down my ideas, I become calm and creative. Aside from sharing my stories, I get to design my blog– like I can do it however I want. I can pick the pictures I post, feel free to use the fonts I have and be proud of what I did. Yes, I receive criticisms from my friends but they’re reviews help me improve my blog. They tell me what to write and what not to write. The things I learn from them and my experiences guides me to make my material better to help you guys and accept my mistakes and fix them.

for one year old.jpg
Busy streets in London (shot from Fujifilm X-T10)

Overall, blogging has helped me in various ways that made me into a better person. I’m surprised by the changes in me and I know more will come. As the new waves roll in, I have to be firm and accept whatever will crash on me (okay, ugly metaphor but that’s what I can think of right now).

I’ll make new posts 😦 I haven’t updating this online journal of mine that much huhu. I’ll post more things soooooon.


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