Holiday Flicker

I’m back for a short holiday post! For me, Christmas passed by really fast for me. Maybe because of the problems that would come and go.So much things has been happening recently, college, new experiences, friends and much more. Even if all of those thoughts were in my head, I got to see the smallest flickers of light that made my Christmas great.


My 24th started off with going to Padre Pio church. My family had different plans that day but there were problems we couldn’t change. We decided to pray in the church. My sister and I offered prayers along with lit candles. A familiar silence filled the atmosphere which made me think of the reason why I always like visiting the church. My mind and heart feels at ease with the calmness in the air. Small murmurs of prayers, the light heat of the candles by the room of adoration and written prayers on the walls. Those were some of the things I love about the church. As my sister and I finished saying our prayers, my family went for a drive to my uncle’s house which was near the church. We ate and had small talks about our holidays. My sister and I spent most of the time playing with our young cousins, Cheska and Francine. We would constantly send videos to our cousins who were with our grandma in the province. We shared what’s happening here in Manila and they would share what they’re doing in the province.


We went back home after that. It was amazing how the 24th of December in Manila didn’t have those traffic that everyone hated. The drive was smooth. There were almost no cars on the road. Going home, my family and I listened to Christmas songs. I personally love Filipino Christmas songs. There is a certain warmth feel when I listen to it. It was like you can really feel the love and happiness of Christmas whenever I hear those Tagalog songs.


I was fixing my vlogs when I came back from the long trip. The air was hot even if it was December.  I couldn’t help but sit in front of the electric fan as I sat down with my laptop. My sister and I share our laughter and stories about our Christmas every year. The big gatherings in my grandma’s house– like it was a grand reunion every year. Even if some of my relatives where out of the country, we still have video chats to keep in touch with them. Our Aunts’ phones are always on standby in case our relatives from London would have a video call. Lots and lots of food would fill the table. It would disappear quite quick though! In addition to this, our neighbors would give desserts and we would share back to them. It was amazing. Our grandma’s house would always be filled with laughs, kids playing, teenagers sitting together and adults sharing their own stories.


Christmas is absolutely my favorite holiday. Syempre (Of course) we get money and gifts (yesss) but what I really like the most is going back home to my province to see my grandma, titos and titas (uncles and aunts) and cousins! I feel like each one of my Christmas memories and gifts are all Christmas lights and candles.


When placed everything together, it makes up a beautiful memory that would last in my heart. It defines my Christmas. One special day that makes me happy and excited. As every year pass by, a memory is added. It’s a brief and short day but it makes my year brighter. My very own flickers are my personal treasures that I would want to keep.


As the year end, my flickers continuously fill me up. I’m sure that I will create more memories that would make me look forward each and everyday. I hope you will have your own flickers too! If you do, I would love to hear those special flickers!

sorry if my content was quite confusing hehe


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