My new roller coaster ride

Hello! It has been a while since I posted. College kept me busy and away from this online journal of mine. I did not even get to post some of the tips I was making (oh noooooo). Lots of sorrys!!! Anyway, some told me they want to see more pictures and posts of my experiences. I’ll try to make posts and publish it here as soon as I can! This blog has been dead for the past… 2 months?

Okay, so this post will be just a mini synthesis of my first semester as a college student.

In a certain reflection paper, I described my first semester like a roller coaster ride.

Okay, so in my University’s situation, we are divided into section called “blocks”. It’s like high school (in the Philippines) wherein you have the same schedule, you move together, plan little outings like a Christmas party! (Which I didn’t get to go, I’m sorry to my block mates haha)

So so soooo here is my mini synthesis


Many say that college would be the best years of your life. This is the place where you will meet the friends that will last forever. The place where you will be challenged, mentally, spiritually and mentally. Some say it will just fly by really fast. You won’t even get a chance to settle down, unlike in high school you feel very at home (in my case). They say your reputation in college does not matter. Having a lot of friends isn’t a big thing. Whatever you do is barely judged. It is incomparable to high school nor grade school. The little details about you are always noticed. But if you ask me, I see college as a roller coaster ride—okay I know this is far from the topic BUT let me explain.

You know how you get to feel a mix of excitement, nervousness, anxiety and many other emotions that would just crash in your stomach that would make you shake, smile and just sigh now and then? That was how my first day in college was. Before my dad drove me to my University, I was so freaking excited because I was going to the college of my D R E A M S. Then again, I was scared and nervous of this new stage in my life. I didn’t know if I would get to make friends easily, if I will get to understand the lessons nor get comfortable in my  new “home”. It was a whole new environment! Time flew by so fast. I just adjusted in my high school when I transferred there for second year and now I’m in the university, trying something new once more. The excitement and nervousness just crashed down on me that made me want to scream, panic, jump, run around and just breathe. Breathe, to take everything in.

no edit- shot from my Fujifilm X-T10

Before I knew it, I was already meeting new friends. In my mind, I just wanted to keep riding this EXTREME (yes, extreme) roller coaster of mine. The fast paced ups and downs made me queasy. I still needed time to adjust and YET this ride made me so dizzy and scared as I rode it. I experienced countless drops as the months passed by but it wasn’t the worst. I was with my new and old friends. We would ride along this roller coaster ride together. There were twists, turns, screams and laughter everywhere as we rode it together as one block. In that way, our ride became much easier. We all understood the struggle that we were going through. Everyday, I would look forward to seeing my block to share our insights about our homework, studies and our reviews.

All in all, my first ride was fun, scary and cruel but I know that I well get through the others. This sem gave me a small glimpse of what college life would be like– not nice but a lot of lessons to learn.


Yeah, that’s all I have now. Sorry if my words were confusing… or just bad (haha). I still feel bad for not getting on more. I’ll work on new posts as soon as I can! YAY! Have a lovely Christmas Break!


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