The Weekly Photo Challenge- Back home (3 photos)

Back home! I have a short break since it’s Undas.


We went to the beach at around 5:30 pm. I was with Chesca, Francine, Ate Mitch and Ate Jewel. The view was lovely and the air was salty. It was such a peaceful time. We just walked by the shore and stared out of the horizon, admiring the blue to orange hues.


There were still people out fishing and just rowing their boats near the shore. Some kids were happily screaming “para! para!” meaning to stop their Kuyas riding their boats so they can ride in with them. Although, their Kuyas were like “Hindi! Bawal”. So the children just sat on the sand, watching them while muttering under their breaths.


We walked home at around 6:00 pm since it was already dark. As we walked, we saw some kids singing by the gate of a neighbor. They weren’t singing carols but instead they were singing an Undasan song or something. I don’t know why they do that but I guess it’s really part of….. Tradition?

That’s all for now! I haven’t written anything for my “The Weekly Photo Challenge” in months! I’ll try to be on again soon.


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