Study: How to relax before studying?

Hello friends! These are just my own ways how I relax before studying. If you have any suggestions comment down below or message me in my social media accounts! I respond fast! This list was first seen in my tumblr account. I received a few requests from my tumblr account to make more so I kept listing down other tips. This one is just and extension of what I posted there.

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1. Stretch and be active!

Number one helps me a lot. You know those times when you’re just so lazy to get up? You want to stayed curled up under the sheets of your comforter or pile of pillows but you have to do your student duties (noooo). In order to get your body and mind studying, you have to stretch and be active! Here are some activities you can do:

  • Stand up and reach for the sky! Side to side and the floor
  • Walk around in your bedroom, study room or around the house to get your mind going!
  • Go to your veranda or garden and breathe in the fresh air

2. Sit down and get comfy but not too comfy.

Okay, now you’re active and ready to study buuuuut make sure that you pick the right spot to study. You may pick the study spot wherein you feel uncomfortable or too uncomfortable. We all have different tastes when it comes to comfort. Make sure that you are not slouching because this adds to more discomfort and unproductiveness.

3. Brain food and sugar! (Chocolates or nuts preferably– AND FRUITS)

YES YES YES! Sugar for the brain. Before I study, I usually munch on something to keep myself awake. I always make sure that I have fruits in the fridge. Like apples, grapes and bananas. From time to time whenever I need a quick  boost of energy, go to the smallest bar of chocolate I have (Hershey’s or Reese).

4. Classical songs or something that is instrumental. Your brain will relax and get stimulated.

Like I said, everyone is different. We all have different tastes in “study music”. Before I start, I play songs from my phone out loud while I prepare my notebooks, books and pens. I get motivated to study and relax. Sometimes, I listen to chill and happy vibes from my favorite artists (Jason Mraz, Eraserheads, Apo Hiking and The Ransom Collective).

5. Read some quotes that will motivate you.

For this one, I printed out some motivational quotes and posted it on my corkboard. So whenever I study and get tired, I will just look up and slowly have the wnergy to get back studying. THIS REALLY HELPS PROMISE!!!

6. Smile for one minute (it will change your mood)

Most of you will think that this is weird but it woooorks! Smiling will help you get in to better mood!

7. Have your list of goals for today.

Ahhhh last last! I love this one. This helps me accomplish the things I have to do. For the month, I list down the things I have to achieve like memorize the cations for Chemistry (😭💗)
That’s all for now! I have to get back to my studies. I will post soon!


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