Summer Captured 4

I’m back to post my Summer Captured 4! This is another set of unedited pictures from my last visit in San Luis, Batangas. I had too much fun taking pictures from there (hehe). I’m not sure if this will be the last set.

I’ll will post tips and more updates about school (and life!) soon. I’m just finishing some things before I re-check everything.

(unedited pictures!)

4 rock island.jpg
Rock Island

I really like how this turned out. I was standing in the middle of the rocks from the low tide when I looked back at this scenery. When I took this shot, it appeared as if there was an island near me (which I find cool!!)

4 flowers n sand.jpg
Fallen Flowers

Next up is an experimental shot. I really don’t know why there were Bougainvillea flowers on the sand but I tried to take this opportunity to crouch down (AS IN SO TIRING) and take a shot of the flowers, sand and the girl who was playing with seashells. By the way, I almost fell on the sand so… I worked for this shot huhu but I need to work on a lot of things.

4 little hops.jpg
Little Hops

I call this one “Little Hops” since my cousins were hopping by the low part of the beach. They were playing around as they splashed the salty waters (The sight was quite silly!). I really wanted to take a picture of this precious moment.

4 sand n children.jpg
Sun, Sand, Children

I was sitting on this rocky wall when I took this picture. I really liked how there were different elements in this shot. It was interesting for me so I wanted to share it šŸ˜› (that’s it haha not a lot of content to put in)

4 cousin shadows.jpg

This wasn’t taken in the beach but I wanted to include this picture here. This was actually unintentional. I was just testing my camera since we were about to go out and this shadow-y picture came out sooo… Here it is!


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