Summer Captured 3

I managed to squeeze in Summer Captured 3 this Sunday Morning.

I haven’t worked on any post yet because of my studies. Although, after my first shifting exams I will get to post a material soon. For now, I’ll just leave these pictures here ❤

(these are unedited pictures)

rocky low-yp.jpg
Rocky Low

It was almost 5’o clock pm when I took a picture of this. It was low tide so the rock formations appeared. I found this cool and amazing so I decided to take a shot.

Sea plant or coral-yp.jpg
Low tide close up

Same day, same afternoon. While my cousin, Kuya Jayjay, and I were walking, we saw this sea plant (or coral) between two huge rocks. We went up close to look at it.

summer rocks-yp.jpg
In the middle of the rocks

We reached the middle of the rock formations. After those line of rocks would be the deep salty sea of San Luis. (I don’t want to go there… Too dangerous)

Sunset beach-yp.jpg
Cloudy sunset

It was a shame that I couldn’t see the sun that much but the clouds made the sky cool (hahaha)

sunset gradient-yp.jpg
Rock line

Last picture of this post! My mistake for not being able to hold my camera steadily so the horizon looks crooked. I really like the change of colors from blue to orange.

That’s all for now! Sorry for being so inactive!

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