The 3 Cute Health Apps + Noom coach

Some of you may have school, work or you just want to have a healthy lifestyle. We are all so busy that we can’t keep track of what we eat or our physical movement. To answer this problem, I searched up cute health apps that would help you to keep yourself motivated and recorded.

I personally love these apps because they helped me in becoming motivated to be healthy. I don’t like the other health apps since all you have to do is to record and such. I want an app that has a cute format and would make me go back to it.13880291_1329595710402431_3796767032259997433_n.jpg
These are three apps that I used for the whole summer:
1. Plant Nanny (4.5/5 shooting stars)
Why I like it:
-easy to use
-notification reminder
I really love Plant Nanny because it makes my watertracking easier. All you need to do is press one button! It’s suuuuper easy and simple. I legit use this every day. If I won’t drink enough water then my plant will die!
The other thing I like is that if I drink one glass then, my plant will earn experience points and it will level up! If my plant gets big, I can put it in my garden and buy a new plant. They have different kinds of plants (CUTE PLANTS) to choose from. I really recommend this app! it’s my fave out of the three cute health apps.
Side story
I used to draw 8 little glasses of water on my planner and would color the glass if I drank one! It was really tiring. I’m glad I discovered this app.unnamed.png
2. Wokamon (4/5 shooting stars)
Why I like it:
has a lot of information
-kinda Pokemon themed?
BUT anyway, what I really love about Wokamon, is its accuracy as compared to the Health app of Apple. In Apple, you can see how far you walked or ran in one day but in Wokamon, I can not only see how far I walked, but how many steps I took as well. I like it better if there’s a step count since it gives me more details about my walk/run in a day. To be honest, I have no idea how far those km or miles are in my Health app so I have a better perspective if there is a step count.
OH and I also love how you get a creature and let it grow with you. Your steps will be counted as your creature experiences points. CUTE CUTE I LOVE IT but I gave it a 4 out of 5 shooting stars since I want to choose from different Wokamons… It’s so cute and I absolutely love it. You can add friends to see who has more steps in one day (COOL RIGHT?). Last bit, you can also view how many calories you reduced from your walks.wokamon_chart
3. Walkr (2/5 shooting stars)
Why I like it:
-there’s a game
-shows a lot of information
Walkr is an app that counts your steps and converts it to “energy” for your spaceship?… Or galaxy? I’m not quite sure. This game (it’s also a game) confused me when I first played it. I had to look for planets and create a food… place for the planets. The aliens gave me coins to harvest and in return I had to give them food from that food place I just mentioned. It’s really confusing but I got the hang of it. Although, I got tired from checking it every day so I  only check it every once in a while.
It has a calorie count, step count and your distance for one day. It’s informative but it’s tiring to check on it every now and then. It’s cute though!!! Maybe I’m just reaaaally lazy for this app but check it out if you want.walkr-ipad.jpg
Noom coach (5/5 shooting stars)
Okay, last health app! This one is not a super cute one but it I use this every day. I want to recommend this app to all of you!
It has a lot of features! You record what you eat for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and evening snack. When I saw this, I was like “oh no what about if I eat Filipino food or snacks?” WELL it’s not a problem! Since it’s there! It also has the nutrition facts for it. Noom coach lists down what you eat so you would know how much calories you gained from your food. It sets a maximum calorie count for you based on your BMI and goal weight. REALLY COOL! I recommend Noom coach to ya’ll.
OH YEAH, you can get a coach from them but you have to buy it. I didn’t try it since I don’t think I need one. And I don’t really do online purchasing. 
Noom coach has a lot of features that I want you to try.Noom-choach.png
That’s all that I‘ve tried! I hope you’ll get to download the apps I mentioned.
 Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or suggestions, just comment down below or contact me through my social media accounts:
Instagram: @azumeryl
Twitter: @azuMERYL

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