Summer Captured 2

Hi hi hi! I’m back to post some of the shots I took from last Summer 2016.

I have been busy with college works. I am still trying to adjust to my new schedule and such. Although!! I have other drafts to post soon. I think I will be posting the cute health apps that helped me throughout summer and in school.

(These are unedited pictures)

bangka and mount- yp.jpg
Bangka and mountain

This shot was taken from San Luis, Batangas. I took this picture because I remembered my childhood here. Every summer, we would go back to Batangas to stay with our grandparents and cousins. Almost everyday, we would go to the beach and swim while the morning sun was out.

dark beach-yp
Dark beach

This was taken when my cousin, Kuya Jay Jay was coming back from that line of rocks in the picture.

Ate Dane 2-yp
Ate Dane

To be honest, this was just a candid shot of my cousin, Ate Dane. (check her YouTube if you can!)

Green boat-yp
Green boat family

While I was walking along the shore, I saw this family going to the sea to fish. I just wanted to take a shot (hehe nothing special).

garbage tire-yp
Garbage Tire

(I know I posted this already but I want to add it in my Summer Captured collection 🙂 ) While it was low tide, I saw this tire. It appears that it has been stuck in the sand for a long time already. Barnacles are already forming and it can’t be pulled out anymore. It was such a sad sight to see rubbish in the sea.

That’s all for now!! More photos from Summer 2016 will be posted soon.


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