Summer Captured 1

Hey everyone! Right now, I’m focusing on my studies but I still practice my photography now and then. In line with this, I want to share a couple of photos that I shot last Summer 2016.

I shot quite a lot so I’ll post my pictures set by set. You will mainly find this under Photography>Summer Captured. Although, I will put the respective collections for example, my shots from United Kingdom under Travel Diary>United Kingdom, Travel Diary>Batangas.

**These are all unedited photos (Check my YouPic account)

Here are some of the pictures from Batangas, Philippines

rocks beach-yp.jpg
Before sunset
Rocky adventures during the low tide
sunset rocks-yp.jpg
Sunset rocks

I was actually quite surprised with the outcome of the photos. When I reviewed all of my shots, I realized how beautiful Philippines is.

mtn w beach-yp
Early in the morning before the fishermen went out
Early birds looking for a catch

I’m still fixing my albums so I’ll post more soon! If you have any feedback, then just comment down below or hit me up in my social media sites.

Twitter & Instagram: @azumeryl


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