Childhood is Golden

I can still remember the time when my sister and I would go down 4:00 p.m. during summer to play “Ice, ice, water”. The children from our village would come down around that time too. We were such a large group. We played loads of Pinoy games and sports throughout summer. Our vacations were never dull.

The sun would sting our skins and make us darker. Hurried steps from playing hide and seek and whispers can be heard in the summer afternoon. “Girls versus boys!” “HIDE!” laughter and cheers could be heard from every corner of the village.

Those were the days. Although, time has passed and we all grew up. Now, we stay at home and glue ourselves on social media, some already moved out of the village, while the others met new friends along the way. How I missed the old times. Looking back at everything, I didn’t have any regrets. This kind of childhood is golden. Most of the children today don’t even experience the laughs and runs I treasured when I was their age. Today, they are all glued on their tablets, iPhones and iPads. I feel bad for them since they like using gadgets more than playing outside. They hardly know any Pinoy games– Even the game of Ice, ice, water! Which is one of the games their age would play. 

But then..

I was happy when I went out last Sunday with my sister. I was planning to take photos of the plants outside since it stopped raining (the scenery is so great when the rain just stopped!). As we walked around the same village we grew up in, we saw young boys running around and playing.

They were getting ready to race

They were all hands out of their gadgets. They were all ready to get their hands dirty. Hearing their hurried footsteps and laughs brought back memories when I was in the same age as them. 

They ran against each other

It was great to see these children to enjoy their time outside. They stayed outdoors until they were tired. Seeing these children running around outside was refreshing. The scene brought back memories to me. 

Little Belle

 This little girl was hiding and running away from us. She would do this little play repeatedly. She was actually smiling when she turns her back to us. Whenever I try to take a picture of her she would giggle and run away to a  nearby tree to hide.

Their small cars

Treasuring what we experienced is one of the best things. We had our share of laughs and jokes which made our days better. The wind on our skin, the heavy breathing from constant running, and the laughs that we all share. These are the few things that make our childhood golden. 

I hope I will get to see them more outside than being blinded from the brightness of their gadgets. Experiencing and having a memory of your golden childhood is one of the best things in the world.  


20 thoughts on “Childhood is Golden

  1. I have the same sentiment. Sometimes, when I see poor kids playing outside their house, I thank that they don’t have computers in their homes. Because by that, they can enjoy their childhood better than just playing video games. Larong pambata sa kalsada is still the best!

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  2. Your post remembered me of my childhood too, when every day I used to play with the children from the street all sorts of games, like the snail, or the elastic band, or simply hide and seek. Children in our days don’t get to experience that anymore.

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  3. This is such a rare sight especially now that kids enjoy playing with their gadgets instead of actually playing outside. This made me reminisce of childhood. Hehe. All those tagu taguan and giggles. ❤


  4. True, it’s heartbreaking to see most of the kids absorbed in gaming consoles, tv or phones. I believe, parents have a bigger role to play here. I’m a mom and I definitely do not want my baby to stay glued to TV so we have a routine where we spent at least 2 hours outdoors…playing, swimming etc to inculcate a good habit 🙂

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  5. AHHHHH, I’m a millennial and I was born in the time between old fashion games and gadgets but I’m proud and honestly happier to say I can live without gadgets. Running around the village with my childhood friends was such a great time. I wish the young generation would see that. Life was definitely happier and simpler.

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  6. I agree. As a child who had a fantastic childhood, I can’t imagine having stayed indoors during those days. It was a rapid time of learning, even outside school — especially outside school. All those games played, the endless running and the friends made. Priceless.

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  7. I’m also grateful to have experienced that childhood of no ipads and all street games. You’d never guess how many scars I got from all the running and skipping and jumping. I played with with stones, sticks, grass, mud, and all sorts of things from the outdoors. I guess we were the last generation to have really experienced what it was to just play outside. I hope that the parents of our generation pass this on to their kids, not pass gadgets to them at such a young age.

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