I survived the 21-day challenge!

21-I survived the 21-day challenge!

Recap, on June 19, I accepted a 21-day challenge wherein I wasn’t allowed to eat sweets, pastries, fast food, pasta, white bread, soda and chips.

I had a HARD time since I’m a fan of sweet food BUT I managed to finish this challenge without giving into temptation. After this I’ll be having a SWEETS FEST!! But before that, I’ll mention my pros and cons (??) for this challenge:


  • I avoided eating junk food
  • My cravings for junk food was lessened (??)
  • My expenses reduced (since I would buy junk food in a week with my sister)
  • Drank a lot of water!! (I drink water whenever I have my food cravings)


  • I sometimes crave sweets and I had a hard time
  • Almost gave in


In the end, it wasn’t that bad. I really liked how I have a reason that would hold me back from eating junk food. I felt restricted whenever I remember my 21-day challenge. What’s more, I get s reward when I don’t cheat in this challenge. Like I mentioned before, if I get to do this diligently then, my sister will buy me the Pokèmon Go watch that will soon come in the industry.

Have you tried this challenge? If you did, comment down below your experience.



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