My 2nd key ingredient to happiness

Hello everyone, Meryl here! And it’s Reflection Monday again!

Before I start, I want to thank everyone who read my last Reflection Monday post (Insecurity became a hindrance). I got a lot of great feedback from all of you. Some of you messaged me about their own insecurity experiences. I feel grateful that you have given me the chance to listen to your stories. I’m glad that you want to overcome your insecurities as well. We still have a long way to go but we can do this together.

Salamat 100x!

Honestly, I didn’t plan any topic to post for today. I literally just opened my laptop and started typing what was on my mind.

It’s July, a new month, and kinda half of 2016. Looking back, a lot of things already happened this 2016. It was such a wave for me to realize that I experienced so much. I met new friends, passed my tests, got into my dream school, and graduated! I also started my photography hobby ever since I bought my own camera and I also celebrated my sister’s debut… I also made my own blog and I even started to share my experiences to all of you. All that happened were so fast and overwhelming.  I remember just having those happenings in my dreams and next, I didn’t even know where to start…. And now I’m here.

This feeling of fulfillment from what I accomplished so far this 2016 is great—amazing. As I accomplish my goals, I get to create new ones.


Every single day, when I wake up I always think of what I should do today. Watch a movie? Type for my blog? Do some photography? Read? Paint? There are so much things that I want to accomplish. I found myself so blessed. I get to do things that I want; also, I have the opportunity to reach goals and to set new ones for just one day.

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”  -Ralph Marston

Whenever I see this quote from Ralph Marston, I feel motivated to do something productive everyday. Whatever you do will affect the next day. Do your best and give your 101%! I believe that you won’t lose if you will give it your all. Even if you fail, you gave your all. 

I have no idea what’s ahead of me but I know that I want to keep on setting goals for myself. I want to discover more about everyone, the world and myself. I find it amazing how we can keep on dreaming, setting goals, achieving and feeling the sense of fulfillment.

Given the opportunity to realize my blessing, I want to let other people know who needs help know that  they need to become mindful to their gifts as well. For me, knowing what we have and appreciating it, is one of my key ingredient to happiness. 


Comment down below for any feedback/ suggestions or message me in my social media accounts!

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Salamat for reading!


26 thoughts on “My 2nd key ingredient to happiness

  1. We are so blessed to wake up every morning because God is giving us another chance to be a better person. Another chance to make everything right and to forgive others. Life is not that complicated if we appreciate every little thing that God gave us. One of my happiness seeing genuine smiles from the kid that I’m helping through my work before. But I will still continue doing it even though I’m not working there right now. Still, let us not forget to thank Him in our prayer every night.

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  2. True! You will never be thankful of life unless you actually list down what you are thankful for. I can totally relate to the saying, “I’m thankful for all the things I used to pray for that I now have”.

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  3. Like you, I always set goals also for each day. I want to accomplish a lot of things too and it’s very exciting planning how to achieve them and very satisfying if you did. 😊

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  4. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we tend to forget the things that we have because we always wish for something more. That’s human nature and everybody deals with that. But the thing is, knowing and valuing what we have makes a huge difference towards our inner self, that is, contentment and genuine happiness.

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  5. I am becoming a new mom soon and I cannot just define happiness in the thought of the word itself. I am feeling beyond that. A point where I just want to shout at the world and express myself in different actions like dancing or singing or just simply screaming. I love the feeling that I love it! I guess being a mom to a child you didn’t see yet is immeasurable and just cannot be define with any other words.

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