Sums up my summer 

Hello Meryl here! So far my summer has been cleaning, drinking the amount of water I need to accomplish in one day, trying to live a healthy and fit lifestyle for the season and occasionally using my phone to get updates with the trends or typing up some blog posts. 

shot from X-T10


shot from X-T10

My family rarely go out of town for the summer. My parents don’t have the time so my sister and I just do what we can in the house. From time to time, my parents bring us to Batangas so we can stay there for a couple of weeks with my grandma and cousins. My sister and I love spending our summer in Batangas. We get to be with our cousins and do a lot of things. Often times, we stay in one house and watch noon time shows. We laugh and keep telling stories. We sleep in the same room, even if we’re all super squished together. We are A LOT. Usually, we’re 10 together (we’re not even complete 😅).

shot from X-T10

It’s really a fun summer when we’re altogether in Batangas!! My sister and I will be there soon! I can’t wait! 


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