21-day challenge accepted!

Hey friends! Meryl here!

 Today, I’m starting a 21-day challenge. I bought a book last Friday called “The Happiness Project”. The author mentioned a challenged called the “21-day challenge”. I got curious since I really love challenges! They’re a bunch of fun! So searched it up. 

Apparently, there are different kinds of 21-day challenges. There are some that talks about am art post, fitness and health, personal posts and more. It’s really cool you should search it up too! But anyway, I thought to myself that I wanted to try one. I picked a challenge that will help me for my self-esteem. One that will help improve my self-esteem to being healthy and fit! It’ll help my brain and improve my complexion. I’m not changing myself for anyone… I want to keep myself in a healthy lifestyle as much as possible 😊. 

Within my 21-day challenge u have to follow this:

21 day
I find this challenge difficult since I REAAAALLY love sweets. Eating sweets are just my fave ❤️ it relieves my headache and gives me instant energy (I know that eating sweets is bad). This will be a big challenge for me. 

 I’ll update here from time to time so i can track down the improvements. 
I’m going to start the week right!! This 21-day challenge will end on July 10. I’m soooo excited!!!! Woo! I’m so game for this. 

I wonder outcome will be from this 21-day challenge. 

Oh yeah I tweeted last time in my Twitter account (follow me@azuMERYL haha) that I’m going to post a list of adorable health apps soon. I think I’ll post it this week 😊. I written the contents in my journal so I just need to type it down. It’s not that long though but I hope you’ll read it! 

Oh yeah!! If you guys have some 21-day challenges or anything similar to that, I would love to hear your ideas or what you experienced. Comment down below or you can message/ mention me in my social media accounts ❤️
Instagram: @azumeryl

Twitter: @azuMERYL

E-mail: azumerylbusiness16@gmail.com
Thanks for reading!


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