Sibling: Top 10 favorite places in London!

I finally finished this entry! Woo! It’s not that long but it was hard to pick out our favorite places since there were so much to choose from!

Thank you to my friend, Shawie, who suggested this post when I just published my first post about London (London: How to go around) check that out if you want. I didn’t thought of having a Top 10 list since (like I said) there were a lot of places that my sister and I loved. We tried our best to pick out the places we loved the most and here they are!

London: Sibling’s top 10 favorite places!

Top 1- Picadilly Circus


First, we really liked how there are so much shops to visit and not to mention big versions of Topshop, H&M and more! (Yeah.. Shopping is one of our first “priority). Of course, when you shop you should always be up for walking! When you walk on the sidewalk, you will see great views. It is like New York but has more “old style” kind of theme. My sister and I love those kind of historical architecture.


Top 2- Big Ben and London Eye

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Big Ben shot from iPhone 5s
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Shot from iPhone 5s

These two landmarks are actually near each other. They’re just one bridge away! I think these two famous landmarks are in top 2 since you know… Big Ben and the London eye are pretty famous. Tip: if you want to ride the London Eye, don’t ride the Royal Emirates cable car first. It will seem a bore if you will ride the cable car first. To be honest, the cable car is better for me but! Going to Big Ben and riding the London eye should be done FIRST. We had to do an online booking for the London Eye to make it easier for my family. There are other packages the tickets. Like, you can get a package for London Eye and Madame Tussauds (that’s what we got). Some packages offer London Eye, Madame Tussauds and selected themed rides (or a river cruise) near the London Eye.

Top 3- Buckingham Palace

Next to seeing two of the most famous landmarks, go to the Buckingham Palace and witness the change of guards (this is my sister’s personal favorite). My favorite part there was to see the statues and THE PALACE. If you’re lucky enough, you might also see the Royal family.

Side story

We almost saw them but we already left Buckingham Palace to eat lunch. We didn’t know that the Queen will go out. I was checking Snapchat and apparently the Queen went out when we left. There was a celebration on that day, I forgot what it was. When I told my family we totally freaked out but we already missed our chance to see here. It’s okay huhuhu.

Oh yeah, there’s a gift shop somewhere there. That’s where I bought my stuffed toy, Twist. I call him Twist because his head and ears are kinda twisty.

Top 4- Natural History Museum

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Natural History Museum shot from iPhone 5s

For me, this place was kind of interesting and meh at the same time. The outside of the Museum is fantastic but the inside will wow you! The design is so beautiful, it’s like you’re in a Harry Potter scene or something. You can’t take your eyes off the architecture. My sister and I took so much pictures of the museum.

Now, if you love biology, archeology—basically science, this is the place to go! They have so much display and facts. The dinosaur are is also amazing. There’s this T-rex somewhere there that legit looks so real.

We couldn’t visit the second floor because it was under construction but there are still a lot of sites to be seen inside. Although, my sister got bored. The only thing she loved was the inside of the museum.

Top 5- Emirates Air Line cable car Royal docks terminal

Emirates Royal Docks shot from iPhone 5s

We actually like this better than the London Eye because this is the first one we tried and we haven’t seen the different landmarks yet. Like I mentioned, it won’t be boring if you tried the London Eye before sightseeing.

One car can hold 6 people and we were in the cable car from 15-20 minutes I think?

Side story

My mom and dad were so scared because my mom isn’t used to those kind of heights while my dad has vertigo. My mom made the sign of the cross two times going to the other side and back.

Anyway, the cable car will stop at the other side of the river wherein, you can walk to the “O2”. The O2 has different restaurants inside (Like A LOT). This is also an event place for concerts and such (One Direction performed there!!). Just outside of the O2 at that time was a small festival I think? It was so colorful and cool. A lot of people were selling… things and they also had games for children. My sister and I wanted to walk around but my mom was already getting cold.

Top 6- Train lines

I explained in my other entry “London: How to go around” how to use the train with the oyster card and such. This isn’t for sightseeing (well yeah you can also go around but there aren’t any tour train or something). The Train lines are top 6 because the experience it pretty great. Train is one of their form of transportation. It’s great to see that they have a lot of lines and their trains are efficient (Philippines, please please we can fix our trains too, right??)

You have to know which platform you have to go down, switch etc. or else you might get lost. They have maps in the trains and they also have this subway map thing of the train lines.

Top 7- Greenwich Park


I love this place even if we were here just for a while. The breeze was so cool, the views  were great and you can just relax. If you want to have a relax day with your family, this is the place to be. You can bring your own lunch (we did that ) and bring a mat.

If you come from the Philippines, you will love the clean atmosphere.

They also have the “Royal Observatory” somewhere in the park. I can’t remember if it was free or not. OH they also have a gift shop there near the cafe. Some of their souvenirs were so cool. It was more on stars, astrology signs, etc. 

Another one, they have a boat ride? I’m not sure but my cousins went there for a ride. My sister and I were too tired 😛 . I think you have to pay for the boat ride?

Top 8- Harrods

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Harrods shot from iPhone 5s

For this one, it’s the Harrods building and the shops around it. My sister and I love this place so much because of the different clothing shops and it’s simply beautiful here. Harrods is one of the most famous shopping center in London. Although, the products here are expensive but it’s pretty worthwhile to go here if you love shopping.

Inside Harrods, they have the top brands like Michael Kors, Luis Vuitton, Longchamp and many more. They also have their own Harrods shop wherein they sell so much lovely (AND EXPENSIVE)  items. I bought two pouches and one stuffed toy there. My stuffed toy from Harrods is named “Flumps” because I found him so fluffy and lumpy!

Outside Harrods, are different (and huge) shops like Topshop and the like. We absolutely love the different clothing stores and my sister and I couldn’t help but visit almost every shop we see!

I heard and saw from pictures that Harrods is veeeery pretty when it’s dark out. I never saw it myself since “dark” there would be around 10 pm or something and we will be home by them. If you search it up it’s really pretty!

Top 9- Tower Hill

We didn’t stay here for long but I found it amazing. Tower Hill has this castle thing wherein you can visit inside (which we didn’t). You have to pay for seeing the castle inside but I’m sure it’ll be worthwhile since the castle is big… and who wouldn’t want to see the insides of a castle?!

A sight to see here is also the famous “London Bridge”. You can legit see it from outside of the castle thing. Look for the spot behind the cruise deck thing and there’s a space there with a lot of tourists taking pictures.

We actually walked on the London Bridge but we didn’t cross it ‘til the other side! We juust walked by the end and the view was amazing. Another thing that my cousin told me was that somewhere there in the London Bridge, they just made a museum. Take note, there are a LOT of museums in London and all of them are free! To be honest, you won’t really run out of places to visit in London. Parks and Museums are everywhere! Plus, the old architecture that you want to see are literally surrounding you.

Top 10- Stratford Westfield

YES, the last one!!

Okay, my sister picked this out. Westfield is a mall… She picked this place because she absolutely loved shopping here! We always go back almost twice a week.

My parents love shopping in Primark because it is sooooo cheap there and most of the clothes are A+. W.H. Smith is one of my fave because that’s where I bought some of my school materials (yeah I shopped for school materials there). My sister and I would visit Zara, Topshop, Victoria’s Secret (my sisssssster), John Lewis, Argos and MANY MORE. Oh yeah they also have a huge M&S shop there J . Legit, there are a lot of shops there and oh my gosh you don’t even know where to go first!

Some of the places I mentioned were shopping centers but you know that’s what we loved doing there. We also went to other places which I didn’t mention here. I think I’ll mention those in my next London blog post. I think I have 2 more London posts! I hope you’ll check that out real soon ❤ 

Million thanks for reading through this post! I hope I helped in your London travel planning if ever you’re going there! It was really fun in London and I would absolutely come back.

If you have any questions about this trip, business or even suggestions! You can comment down below or message me in any of my social media sites:

Twitter: @azuMERYL

Instagram: @azumeryl



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