Decluttering my study table and problems?


This post is messed up as my study table. I have no idea what I just typed.

Hey everyone, Meryl here! Aside from writing my blog entries, I have been cleaning selected (MESSY) spaces in my room (by the way I share a room with my sister). I would clean weekly to lessen the mess. For instance, I clean the upper part of my study table today then I’ll clean the lower part on Monday. I like that kind of routine!


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My cluttered mess (oh gosh gotta clean again) shot from Fujifilm X-T10


Have you ever experienced cleaning and going through your things then find something very valuable like a plastic rose from Valentine’s day or a small positive note from your friend and you’re just “awwww” BUT you don’t have any use for it and you don’t know if you should throw it or not? (I don’t know if it’s just me…)

I HAVE! I always have a hard time if I should keep that certain item at hand.

Side story

I was going through my school junk and found a Christmas wrapper from 2014 or something. I was thinking if I should throw it or not since it was sentimental for me. I know that it’s weird to keep a Christmas wrapper + Why do I even need it? + This will just add to my pile of trash. It was so hard for me to throw it that day so I decided that I’ll stop cleaning for now and put it in one corner so I’ll find it again on my second day of cleaning.

Usually, I get so mixed up and firm with my (wrong) decisions. I always keep my broken toys because of the memories I had with it or I even keep my first receipt from purchasing using my credit card (the text eventually faded..)

Second day!

So, I found that Christmas wrapper again when I was cleaning my study table and I thought to myself “Why did I even keep this?” SO I simply threw that wrapper away because I have no use for it and it will just stay there in my study table for no reason. I can’t use it again, I can’t write on it since it was already crumpled so why keep it? 

Through my three days of separating myself from the Christmas wrapper, I realized that I have to think what is really needed. Like, I’m cleaning to make new space. Yeah, I got a Christmas wrapper which is sentimental but looking at the bigger thing, why do I need this? (I can’t help but laugh at this. I’m so into that Christmas wrapper) Since I really love old and sentimental objects, it’s very hard for me to let go but it was a big help thinking to myself for a while.

There’s really more to life than Christmas wrappers.

Shot from Fujifilm X-T10

On a serious note

While I was writing, I thought that this can be connected in facing your problems. You know how you have probs and you kinda want to separate yourself from that bad vibes but at the same time you want to fix it right here right now kind of thing? WELL…

For me, problems should be treated like how I treat my mess. We should slowly sort out the clutter in our mind so we can get a hold of ourselves and think of a solution. 

I don’t know if I’m making sense but I’ll continue…

There are different levels of problem but I think this “declutter” thing can help most problems especially, teenage (complicated) problems (and maybe some adult problems too?).

DON’T BE HASTE! Try to solve your problems slowly AND SURELY. Don’t make your life  complicated as it is. Make sure to breathe and give yourself time. Don’t ever make a decision when your emotions fuel up your brain. Always think before your act. Decision making takes time and in the end if you decide on something without thinking then you might regret your choice in the end.

Comment down below for any feedback/ suggestions or message me in my social media accounts! 

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