What’s left of summer?

Hellooooo, Meryl here! I was supposed to post  “Sibling top 10 favorite places in London” but I couldn’t finish it because a) My sister has her classes for college and b) My wifi is being a sore loser (AGAIN! If you have any suggestions for a great internet connection please comment below or PM me). I can’t access what I have written for the Sibling top 10 thing so I just came up with this which was supposed to be posted on the first day of June buuuut I was pretty hooked up in typing my future London entries.


Some of us in the Philippines are starting school August or September because of this new school calendar thing. While some have already started or starting this June. In other countries.. I really don’t know. Did you just end school or… ANYWAY! Right now, a lot of those students (like me) who are starting around August and September are getting bored BUT! I already have a list of what I want to do for the whole summer.

Every summer, I have a goal I want to achieve. I said in my other posts, I want to prove my self-esteem that’s why this blog came. 

It would be great if you have a certain goal every summer so that you won’t get bored or lose ideas. You can improve on your talents, have a healthy and fit lifestyle during summer, watch different series or read a number of books… Anything!

I have been focusing on myself for this summer so here is my list to-do for the remaining weeks and a month.

  1. Update my blog 2-3 times a week

As a neophyte blogger, I want to stay active in my blog. Sure, I want to maintain or increase the number of viewers but as I said in my other posts, I want to see myself become better through my posts. So far, I have been understanding myself as I type. I’m quite happy with the feedback that my mom and friends have been giving me. 

If you don’t want to start a blog but still track down your improvement, you can get a notebook (it would be better if it’s recycled and homemade! LIKE recycling in terms of getting old notebooks that still have blank pages inside). Write down your thoughts or update yourself everyday but it’s fine if it will be every other day. Sometimes, I write down what I think in my journal and some of it goes to my blog! Everyday experiences also links to everyday lessons  (corny but it’s true!).

  1. Clean the mess

I have an incoming post about this on Monday. I wrote in my journal the other day so wait for that.

Cleaning is one way I usually spend my free summer days. I pick a specific corner to clean. It’s actually fun (and tiring…) because I get to find old memories from past school years and I would be so sappy and mushy to the point that I don’t want to throw those things anymore. For example, I find this wrapper from a friend for Christmas and I reminisce and stuff then I don’t want to throw that wrapper anymore! I hope I’m not alone when I do this ahahha. Some of us do that too you know! BUT I also think, do I REALLY need this Christmas wrapper? Why do I need this? Memories yeah but I don’t even have container for that! I have my own way to throw my memory junk to the bin but it will be posted on my Monday Motivation.

  1. Learn a language

On the start of 2016, I have been familiarizing myself with Spanish (again). When I was little, my sister can kinda understand Spanish since our granddad would teach us but I couldn’t get to remember anything because I have a bad memory. This summer, I want to continue learning Spanish. I have my own notebook for that and so far I’m doing okay? I also use the app “Duolingo” I think a lot of us are familiar with that. I also have a Spanish dictionary which gives one Spanish word a day.

It’s pretty great! I have 1 or 2 days within a week wherein I sit down and learn. It exercises my brain and I kill time (plus new language woo!).

Side story

When we were in London there were a bunch of Italian and Spanish people around us from time to time and my sister and I can sometimes understand what they were saying. Pretty cool, right? +++++ For Filipinos, some of our words came from Spanish so it’s not that hard.

  1. Advanced reading

I won’t make this bit long since a lot of you don’t really want to do this 😛

I know that it’s summer and I should be having fun BUT my mom wants me to read at least a little bit during summer for the incoming school year. I at least refresh my mind with some words and topics. I also ask for materials from my friends in the upper level. I think this is a pretty good exercise every summer (for me at least) because when I get back to school, I don’t feel too lazy to read up the materials that the teacher/prof will ask me to do. Plus! At least you know a little bit of what you will tackle this incoming school year.

  1. Do photography
    Shot from Fujifilm X-T10


I’ve been in love with photography since I was around 8 or 9?  I have a camera now and I want to practice with it. I’m familiarizing myself with the different features since I’ve been using my phone for photography.

I’m not yet good with photography but I do love it. I hope to make myself be comfortable in using a DSLR.

If you don’t like photography then, you can practice an activity that you want to be good at like playing the guitar or a certain sport. Another side story, I have a guitar but gosh I really can’t learn it. I’m a slow learner and my guitar is just sitting in the corner. I’m also bad at playing the piano… BUT I do love sports so let’s move on to number 6!

By the way, if you have any recommendation for photography classes please message me 🙂

  1. Say hello to outdoor sports again!

I love sports but because of school I always get to home late or my school work pile up and I just can’t find free time. If you want to stay away from Wifi and your gadgets, go out and play with your friends. For me, I’m going to play volleyball again (MISS IT SO MUCH). I want to play Basketball too but I’m not allowed since I have no “girl” team mates. All of the people playing basketball are guys so my dad doesn’t allow me to play. I’m super okay with that since I also want to play basketball with girls (again… It has been a long time since I played in a mix game).

AND AND if you want to go out and play under the burning temperature of the Philippines, I suggest you to apply sun protection on your skin and go out at around 4:00 pm and beyond because heck if you go out earlier then darn the sun will freaking burn you. Choose your time wisely!!

  1. Go to events!

    In BGC shot from Fujilfim X-T10

If you have the summer budget, go out with your siblings, family or friends to events that will make summer memorable.

I have two events that I really want to go to. First, is the TrendsettersPh bazaar every month. I can’t go because a) I have no money and b) It’s far! I hope I will go there on their schedule in November (since birth month YAY). Mostly, the people who sell there are the well-known fashion bloggers and craft bloggers. The second event, are those art fests but my schedule is always wrong time OR I HAVE NO MONEY. 

If you have any suggestions for what I can do this summer, message me in any of my social media accounts or just e-mail me!

Social Media accounts:

Twitter: @azuMERYL

Instagram: @azumeryl

E-mail: azumerylbusiness16@gmail.com


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