Travel lesson numero uno

Hello everyone, Meryl here! Before I start this post, I want to thank everyone who opened my last post which was “Why did I start blogging?” (< if you haven’t read it yet then go and click the link 😛 ) So far it was my most visited entry. 100x salamat to ya’ll! (Salamat means thank you in Filipino a.k.a our language in the Philippines)

Moving on!

I want to start a weekly post called “Reflection Monday“. It’s just a step of knowing myself more. I’m going to post what I learned and possibly a striking (shout out to my HS classmates in AC go CLE!!) quote that connects to my reflection? (or a sentence… or a paragraph? Anyway something that inspires) every Monday. I do hope that I won’t get lazy in doing this!

Travel lesson numero uno!

This is my first point

Okay, from traveling with my family and staying with my relatives… I can say, I learned that I should always be sensitive with everyone around me. It was a great experience that I can really apply what I learned  from my family, friends and school about being courteous. It was very difficult for me since you know… I want to feel at home and lie around, I have to be respectful who owns the house (3Ms! Manners Matter Meryl! )

As I travel, I hope to gain more experience in this in which that I can really apply this to my daily life without hesitation.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Shot from iPhone 5s

Second point:  I should always be GAME for everything!

My first week in London was pretty.. blurry– literally! My right eye got swollen from the weather or possibly from the pollen? (UGH it was so A W F U L) but I still went out with my family despite my ugly swollen eye. That’s why most of my pictures during my first week, I had sunglasses on. Whenever I’m riding the train or shopping, I had to wear those black Sunnies glasses. I felt so insecure because the people around might judge me (but it’s fine since they don’t even know me).

In the end, I had fun even if I had a swollen eye. Sometimes, I even forget that I have a sore right eye.

If I didn’t go out during that time then, my first week would be bad and boring. At least, I had an enjoyable experience. (NO RAAAAAGRETS) 



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