I graduated!

I cannot believe how time flew by so fast. I still remember when I was a new student in my school. I was the only 2nd year new high school student there. I did not know ANYONE. I was so scared and nervous but I was determined to start a new life there. I was finally free from the labels and comparisons from my old school. Before, I was having a hard time to show my true self because I was always being compared but when I transferred I felt so free.

I met a lot of people along the way, learned the ropes of this well-known school and learned how to love my sisters. We bonded and I slowly knew myself through the sisterly love and warm welcome I received. I felt like I belong to their family. They pulled me in without hesitation.

Through the journey with the people I love, my family, friends, teachers and the people I met, and the events that I have been through, I can say that Ithaca is still far but the values I learned will pave the way to my goal. I want to travel far and bring the values I have learned to the different people I will encounter. 

I am grateful for my school, friends, family and the people who touched my hearts and minds. From the books, hands-on activities, RESEARCH PAPER and prayers, I will surely bring these learning, values and virtues into the world. I will live out my motto-  “I want to give back, inspire people and make them happy through my deeds.”

I’m off to college!




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