Earth day 2016!

It’s Earth day today! This serves a reminder for us that we can do something to make a difference for our planet. What simple contributions can we do to help our planet?

What can we do?

1.  Using energy-efficient products- This will help save electricity! One example of an energy efficient product is replacing your incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs to LED lights. LED lights can produce more light in a bigger area compared to the two. In addition to this, LED lights have lesser energy consumption.  If there will be less consumption of electricity, less fossil fuels will be burned and the production of greenhouse gases will reduce.

2. ECO-BAGSSSS- Using Eco-bags instead is a big help in reducing the usage of plastic bags. Eco-bags can be washed again and again. Most of these bags come in different designs and sizes. Most of Eco-bags are usually made out of cloth, recycled magazines/newspapers and I even saw some made out of old tetra packs!

3. Indoor plants– I personally like this because plants not only reduce the carbon in your house but it also gives off a relaxing ambiance. There are different types of indoor plants which helps reduce the carbon emissions in your household. (Check out indoor plants here

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Let’s remember that we can all help save our planet in the simple ways we do. There is still a chance to lessen the climate events that is happening around us. Awareness, action and spread!


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