Going back to Batangas 

From Friday to Sunday, my family and I stayed in Batangas (my province). We spent time with our relatives.

First day– I asked Kuya Jay Jay and Ate Jade to go to the nearby beach with me. The beach is literally 2 minutes away from my grandmother’s house. We walked along the shore. My cousins threw rocks to the sea while we waited for sunset. The breeze was salty and it made me feel at home. It had a moist and dry feeling against my skin.

Second day– We went out to eat in Shakey’s. We also celebrated an early 18th and 7th birthday of my cousins, Kuya Jam and Faith. At night, 7 of my cousins (including me) and my dad had a car song jamming time. We sang to Eraserheads which was so fun and nostalgic.

Third day– My family and I woke up early since we had to leave. We did not want to catch up to the Holy week traffic.

All in all I had a great weekend. I’ll be going back after May.



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